Choose SEMI, PRO, or EDGE for best results


Choose SEMI, PRO, or EDGE for best results

Building with precast is a very rational method. In many cases it is actually the only possible way to carry out the massive projects needed in rapidly growing countries. “Fast urbanization creates a huge need for housing that cast-in-situ methods cannot possibly fulfill. That is why industrialized solutions are inevitably growing in market share,” says Petri Vesa, Elematic’s Sales Director.

Looking at things from the customer’s point of view has inspired Elematic to launch three different technology levels for its extensive product range: SEMI, PRO, and EDGE. Whether you need machinery for relatively light production of basic precast products or high capacity, yet less manpower as used for precast production, we have the right solution for you. “The SEMI, PRO, and EDGE are levels for our machinery, developed to help our customers to better understand our product offering. These technology levels do not refer to the quality of the end products and we do not intend to categorize our customers with them. Many precasters starting out in business find our cost-efficient SEMI solution a tempting alternative. SEMI makes it possible to get started in business, get to know the production process in more depth and eventually increase one’s market share. For countries with experience using precast it is, however, as practical to start with EDGE machinery. That is, to get production running as automatically as possible and prepare to respond to market needs with high capacity from the very start,” says Vesa. So whether you produce your precast in a highly automated factory or in a more labor-intensive factory, you are part of a modern, industrialized building process.

Achieving best results manually or automatically

Furnishing and shuttering molds are critical steps when producing precast. When you are making a small series of precast products, preparing and shuttering the molds can take a relatively long time within the whole process. For this phase of process, Elematic’s EDGE offering will expand to feature the Automatic Shuttering Station E9. This piece of equipment automatically takes care of all the shuttering, demolding, plotting, and oiling functions. “With the help of this new machinery you can improve working conditions and safety, keep up production, even at times of peak demand, and reduce labor costs. The new station is designed and manufactured by our partner and it superbly fulfills the high quality demands we set for our machinery. Having this Automatic Shuttering Station E9 in our EDGE product range supplements our offering of highly automated products,” says Petri Vesa. If your production needs can be satisfied with a little less automation, Elematic FaMe is your solution. The carefully developed FaMe is a safe, user-friendly method for shuttering molds. The first FaMe products began operating 30 years ago. Nowadays, FaMe magnets are “Push-Button magnets”, designed for the toughest conditions and to be connected to steel, timber, plywood, or other materials. “FaMe is highly usable with all of our technology levels. Using FaMe is a great leap toward modern precast production when compared to traditional mold-making. It also improves working safety, reduces wastage of raw materials, and produces better quality for precast,” Vesa says


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