A modern solution for sustainable foundations


A modern solution for sustainable foundations

High-quality foundations make a sustainable building. This sounds an obvious comment, but there are still quite a few less than pleasant examples to be found around the world. Why is this?

Modern building construction is confronted with increasing demands for speed, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness. As the building market is getting more and more international and building projects more and more divided, the quality of buildings – and foundations – is easily threatened.

Driving home the benefits

The industrialized piling solution can solve many of the problems of modern foundation projects. As the most economical and versatile way of piling, it efficiently ensures full control of the process and high overall quality. The industrialized piling solution has undeniable benefits compared to other options in the market. The price per driven pile meter is as cheap as possible. The highest productivity is achieved in installed pile m/day. The solution requires less equipment and personnel on site, which also improves site safety. It minimizes the pile count and waste, and does not require any special raw materials. All this lowers the carbon footprint dramatically. There are no expensive surprises during construction and the project can be accomplished faster. Pile driving has well accepted noise and vibration levels and results are verified to meet the design parameters.

Industrialized piling solution for higher profits

Together with our partners Junttan and Leimet, Elematic can now offer a complete industrialized piling solution for making modern foundations. The solution was developed in Scandinavia, where it is widely used, but it suits different soil conditions around the world. Precast concrete piles have uniform dimensions and a high load-bearing capacity. They are easy to transport and quick to install with less equipment and steel. Connections as strong as the concrete pile can be achieved with the approved mechanical joints. In foundation construction, pile capacity and integrity are verified and meet the original design.Versatile process data is also available for reporting purposes. Is there any reason not to try?


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