Want to make walls? Elematic is all you need


Want to make walls? Elematic is all you need

Solid walls, sandwich panels, cladding panels, you name it. The Elematic wall concept is the one for you! Just ask yourself whether you want to keep it simple and fair, or do you hunger for more. The Elematic wall lines now have three levels – each one of them designed precisely to meet certain needs. Let us introduce to you: Elematic SEMI, PRO and EDGE.

The main difference between the three production lines is their maximum capacity and the level of automation. SEMI is designed for lighter production; it is an ideal solution for a starting precaster with easy-to-use functions. Elematic’s PRO line has a double capacity in comparison with SEMI, and it is a well-recommended solution for both established and emerging markets. EDGE is the right choice if you are after state-of the-art technology combined with several intelligent options – it is very much like an elite class production line. Let’s have a closer look at the lines: SEMI – a practical and economic choice The Elematic SEMI line basically consists of 10 tables, each of them sized 3.5 x 8.0 m, enabling production capacity up to 280 m2 per day. The SEMI line can be extended to 15 tables (size 4 x 10 m) to reach a maximum capacity of 600 m2. The SEMI line uses a Multifunction Wagon including tilting and compaction features. It is an economic solution for lighter capacity needs. A new feature in the casting is the new Comskip S5-3000, an battery controlled casting hopper. Comskip’s technical features are based on well known and popular Comcaster casting machine, for instance, including mild vibration on the inside of the hopper. The new Comskip S5-3000 is, however, easier to use and thus designed for the needs of lighter production. The maximum capacity of the SEMI line can be reached with a crew of ten, and no highly-skilled labour is required. SEMI is a practical solution, it can be placed in a 10 x 20 m production hall. An open-air SEMI line is also available. SEMI can easily be transferred from one place to another, which is a practical solution in large construction projects and brings the production closer to the construction site. SEMI qualities 10 (maximum 15) pcs of 3.5 x 8.0 m (maximum 4 x 10 m) tables Multifunction Wagon S5-26 Comskip S5-3000 FaMe PRO makes you a professional in all markets Elematic’s PRO line makes wall panel precasting professional, efficient and flexible. The basic level of the 20 tables can be increased to 30 slightly larger molds to raise the line capacity from 684 m2 to 1200 m2 per day. On the line, a smooth finish is created by pouring concrete into the tables using radio controlled Elematic Comcaster – a casting machine designed for clean and very accurate dosing. The PRO line is equipped with, for instance, roller racks, cross-transfer beams, a compaction station, a tilting station, clening and oiling machines, stacking frames, and a element transport wagon. For faster production and to avoid human mistakes, it also includes a plotter for printing marks on the table surface in order to place side forms and opening on their right position on the table . The PRO line requires a 20 x 140 m space and can be run with 15 – 20 persons per shift. 20 (maximum 30) pcs of 3.8 x 9.0 m (maximum 4 x 10 m) tables Comcaster E9-2500 Compaction station E9-4cs Plotter E9-4x10 Floating machine E9-900 Tilting station E9-30 Cleanig machine E9-4c Oiling machine E9-4o Stacking frame P7-22 Transport wagon E9-40 FaMe Highly automated EDGE to meet the most demanding needs EDGE is the right choice for a production plant with a large capacity and a broad product range. The ELiPLAN Full production management system is tailored for precast production, and it covers all the plant operations from tendering to stock management. The multi-featured EDGE production line has a basic production capacity of 1600 m2, but it can be increased all the way up to a whopping 3024 m2. The line has 40 to 60 tables, sized 4 x 10 m up to 4.2 x 12 m. EDGE is as flexible as it gets, which is key with a broad product range. Thanks to the flexible crosstransfer wagon solution, you can run different products smoothly on the same line without any production flow confligt. As this massive production line is suitable for high capacity, it obviously has 2 Comcasters, 2 compaction stations, high level automation, etc. The curing chamber can be expanded according to capacity need. If automatic shuttering is required, shuttering robot can be easily take in to line configuration. The EDGE line requires a production facility that can two lines sized 30 x 180 m and 20 x 180 m, as well as a crew of 30 people. EDGE 40 (maximum 60) pcs of 4 x 10 m (maximum 4.2 x 12 m) tables 2 pcs Comcaster E9-2500 2 pcs Compaction station E9-4cs Plotter E9-4x10p or Shuttering robot E9-4x10r Floating machine E9-900 Tilting station E9-30 Cleanig machine E9-4c Oiling machine E9-4o Transport wagon E9-40 Lifting device E9-30l Shuttering robot as an option FaMe ELiPLAN ERP Get up to speed and beyond with Elematic’s wall concepts! SEMI, PRO and EDGE cover all your needs and make it easy for you to start producing the best-quality wall panels. SEMI, PRO, and EDGE – always the best solution for the right circumstances.


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