Understanding creates strong visions


Understanding creates strong visions

”The aim of understanding our customers and the markets they are operating in leads us to constantly develop not only our product portfolio, but also our way of working,” says Sales Director Petri Vesa.

”Our customers and partners point out to us how we need to renew, we just need to listen. To discover customers’ real needs and challenges we have, for example, brought into use systematic training focusing on collecting this precious data. By interpreting the signals coming from our customers we have learned to operate more flexibly and to seek eagerly for more suitable options. A good example of this is our new product hierarchy that offers an efficient and clear start for finding the best possible solution for each precaster. Old stagers – often with an established market – look for a highly automated, high-capacity solution like our EDGE, whereas those new to precasting can start production with a lighter investment such as SEMI. The PRO solution, which can be taken as the precasting standard in the world, is suitable for many in both established and emerging markets. Understanding is only a starting point, however. To achieve success together with our customers we must have wide knowledge of the business, technology, laws and regulations, standards, and even human behavior. Furthermore, we need a strong vision – based on true understanding. With all of these we guarantee that there is always a solution perfect for you.”


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