Northern forecast: demand for precast technology on the rise


Northern forecast: demand for precast technology on the rise

Designing and delivering complete plants, machinery, and equipment for all precast needs, Elematic is present in more than 80 countries worldwide. In Norway, Voss Cementvarefabrikk AS started their top modern production of hollow-core with Elematic technology last year.

Since 1956, Voss Cementvarefabrikk AS has been producing a wide range of precast concrete products, including reinforced concrete elements, railway sleepers, beams, and poles – everything their customers have required. According to Production Manager Stian Hjellestad, the company’s strength is that they are a highly versatile manufacturer. Production consists of both reinforced and pre-stressed concrete elements, ready-mix concrete as well as sand and gravel, and they operate a shop with local goods, tools, and equipment. Elematic partnership In 2011, Voss conducted a market survey regarding the possibilities for hollow-core slabs and discovered that there existed a great demand for these products. Having done extensive research on the suppliers of hollow-core production machinery, the company invested in Elematic’s ultra-modern production system for hollow-core elements. “Elematic has been very professional throughout the process of assembling the factory and starting up the production,” says Stian Hjellestad. “We have had with us technicians who have assisted us in problem situations that have occurred and these were all solved in a highly efficient manner.” In Norway, precast concrete producers visit each other’s factories and Voss also received valuable assistance with its hollow-core approvals from fellow producers. Tero Kivimäki is Export Manager for Scandinavia at Elematic: “It is important for us that our competitors have not managed to conquer the Nordic countries with their hollow-core technology, and that Voss chose to cooperate with Elematic. Our strong presence here makes us a trustworthy partner in the future as well. Overall, the other Nordic countries have followed suit and the demand for precast technology is well on the rise after some challenging years of recession.” Watch a video from Voss  from Elematic's Youtube Channel    


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