New easiness with SEMI line in Gatshina, Leningradskaya region


New easiness with SEMI line in Gatshina, Leningradskaya region

In Russia, the construction industry is developing fast, and new cost-efficient solutions are sought for various types of building projects. Precast construction is gaining popularity again, as it nowadays stands for high quality and also offers a wide variety of aesthetic options.

In September 2012, the Gatshinski SSK construction combinate (ZAO), operating in the Leningradskaya region since 1974, started a SEMI production line delivered by Elematic. The line produces one-, two-, and three-layer wall panels, massive floorslab precasts, even-surface precasts, balconies, etc. Elematic’s SEMI production line was selected as the first phase in the modernization process of Gatshinski’s machinery.  It was chosen because it responds to all the needs of producing high-quality precast elements with new technology.  The investment broadened the factory’s product portfolio, and brought the combinate to a whole new level. Before the modernization process began, The Gatshinski combinate produced 115000 m3 of reinforced precast annually for the construction of various housing and social projects. After the second phase of the process, production is expected to grow to up to 180000 m3 a year. The capacity and level of automation of the new Elematic SEMI line beautifully meet the needs of the combinate. “Our future plans include signing maintenance and maintenance follow-up contracts with Elematic. This is to ensure production without interruptions,” says Director of Production at the Gatshinski combinate, Juri Maksimovich Melnik. The production line is based on steel tables, taking advantage of modern production machinery capable of sorting tasks according to different quality parameters. The first Elematic delivery to Gatshinski SSK included a Multifunction Wagon, ten tables, and a floating machine. The capacity of the production line is for living space of 33000 m2. The cooperation between Gatshinski SSK and Elematic continues, as Gatshinski SSK has also ordered an EDGE wall production line from Elematic to complete the second phase of the modernization process. Elematic ran its first projects in Russia as early as in the 1980s. Since then, dozens of production lines have been supplied to different regions in Russia for manufacturing floors and walls. Elematic’s daughter company in Moscow was founded five years ago.


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