FaMe Designer - New in the FaMe family


FaMe Designer - New in the FaMe family

Elematic is proud to present the newest member of the FaMe (Elematic Fastening Method) family: FaMe Designer is here.

FaMe Designer is an easy-to-use software package for designing mold shuttering. It makes designing shuttering quick and efficient and it is available for all wall lines using FaMe. FaMe Designer is most effective on the Elematic PRO and EDGE lines where product variations are often greater and the production capacity is larger than on the SEMI line. FaMe Designer enables production designers in precast factories to create shuttering drawings and bills of materials quickly and easily. Designing work is done using the FaMe Part Library, which will be tailored to the needs of each customer. The library can be extended and new parts can be added to it when you decide to expand your company’s FaMe selection. In the future, FaMe Designer will be integrated with storage management data, which makes it easy to state which molds are being used on the line at the moment and which are available, ready for use. The new FaMe Designer is now in the testing phase and is due to be launched later this year. Usability is one of the most important features to be ensured in the finishing phase. That is why user feedback is being compiled from those who have not previously worked on FaMe products. Put an end to confusing, hard-to-interpret work orders and opt for clear and plain designs with complete lists of materials needed. That is FaMe Designer – for all the precasters wanting to improve the output of their factories. Come and learn more about FaMe Designer at Elematic’s stand at Bauma 2013.


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