Elematic Floors – and the floor is yours!


Elematic Floors – and the floor is yours!

Elematic floor manufacturing lines are ideal for a variety of needs and projects of all sizes. Whether you like to produce hollow-core slabs, half slabs or ribbed slabs, Elematic technology always provides you with an efficient and functional solution.

Our products are now divided into three categories: SEMI, PRO, and EDGE. The biggest difference between these three is their capacity for production and the level of automation. All Elematic manufacturing lines use the long line method, representing guaranteed Elematic quality in technology, providing a precast solution that meets all standards. SEMI start-up package for lighter investments The Elematic SEMI line offers attractive features designed especially for a starting precaster. The core of the line is four casting beds with a maximum capacity of 576 m2 per day. New equipment has been developed for this manufacturing line, including an efficient Extruder S5-1200e with excellent durability, top surface quality, and slab accuracy. In the build-up of the SEMI manufacturing line, local delivery content can be used, such as for the structural steel components of casting beds. As SEMI is easy to use and all its functions represent high Elematic quality, highly skilled labor is not required. SEMI qualities 4 casting beds, 120 m each single prestressing Extruder S5-1200e Saw S5-400 integrated heating Versatile PRO – precasting standard Elematic’s PRO line is a high-quality solution that can be adjusted and extended for both established and emerging markets. In classic precast manufacturing, largest slab thickness (500 mm) can be cast, production capacity being 1080 m2 per day. PRO line also has more options for product variation to offer, and, thanks to the high level of automation, less manpower is needed, considering the capacity reached. PRO line’s casting beds are totally manufactured by Elematic and delivered to the factory as ready-to-install. PRO line's Extruder E9-1200e represents the new generation of intelligent extruders. Its improved qualities include efficiency, intelligence, maintainability, and simply better control. Its efficient operation is based on solutions that improve the quality of performance, increasing availability and safety, enabling optimization of preventive maintenance and decreasing energy consumption. The production process can be monitored easily via a user-friendly operation control interface with an easy to follow menu. On the PRO line, precast products are lifted and transferred to the storage with a transport wagon and the Preparer is used to clean and oil the bed for the next casting. This means that notably little manpower is needed for the production. The whole PRO production process can be controlled with ELiPLAN ERP Lite. Several EDGE-level options can be included in the PRO line to maximize its efficiency and to tailor its performance for each customer’s specific needs. PRO qualities: 6 pcs of 150-meter-long casting beds Shuttle E9-2800 Single prestressing Extruder E9-1200e or Slipformer P7-1200s Saw P7-500 Preparer P7-1200p ELiPLAN ERP Lite Dream factory with EDGE quality Elematic’s EDGE is a highly automated production line with large production capacity, a dream factory in the true sense of the word. The production line is divided into two sections, including eight casting beds. The sections are fully independent in their functions and can thus be used to manufacture different products simultaneously. EDGE’s maximum theoretical capacity can reach even 2880 m2 per day, with minimum workpower. The production line has a tower type batching and mixing plant that can feed even 150 m3 of concrete per hour. The line has two tracks for transferring the concrete, two shuttles, and two high-quality casting machines, either Extruder E9-1200e or Slipformer P7-1200s. Both sections have their own saws, Preparers, and slab Modifiers. All precasts can be finished to meet the exact needs of the customer. Elematic’s EDGE production is operated using ELiPLAN ERP Full, a system covering every single detail in the precast production, from material orders to completing deliveries. EDGE qualities 8 pcs of 150-meter-long casting beds 2 Shuttles E9-2800 Bndle prestressing 2 pcs of casting machines: Extruder E9-1200e or Slipformer P7-1200s 2 pcs of Saw E9-500 2 Preparers E9-1200p 2 Modifiers E9-1200m Transportation ELiPLAN ERP Full


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