We listen and we learn


We listen and we learn

“Building deep customer relationships in a determined way is crucial in a world where change is a constant and the needs for precast construction vary tremendously. Customer relationships need constant renewing. It’s like evolution,” says Mats Jungar, CEO of Elematic since January 2012.

“Precast construction is a challenging field in many respects. Local building cultures, increasingly demanding markets, challenging operating environments, and technological development all form a complex web of interacting factors that cannot be handled by one person alone. That’s why we need to have close collaboration, trust in partnerships, and a true willingness to find the solutions that best serve all. “Elematic operates in various different markets. In some market areas, precast construction is already established, whereas in others, it’s in its early stages. This means that with some customers, we think about things like maximizing the automation of the factory, or the potential for reducing raw material usage. With others, on the other hand, we help to formulate the entire production process. Some customers come to us for technical advice on specific production problems, whereas others look for support in starting their business. In order to be truly able to understand what the customer needs and wants to accomplish, openness and the ability to ask the right questions are the key. This cannot be achieved with a few emails or phone conversations. A deep customer relationship requires personal contact, meeting face-to-face, and getting to know each other. This is done not by companies, but by the people in the companies. “We strive for excellence in mastering local conditions. Our sales people have in-depth knowledge of the regions for which they are responsible, build contacts with the local construction network, and are aware of local culture. This year, we have strengthened our organization by creating a new function: product managers. The product managers deepen our knowledge about our customers and support sales with their product knowledge. They contribute to building the right combination of Elematic products for each individual customer. “As I see it, we not only sell machines and technologies, we build new communities, new beginnings, and new businesses with our customers and our customers’ customers. In my vision, we can become a true partner in this work, but we constantly need to improve our skills to listen, monitor and understand – and to learn by our perceptions.”


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