Want to win the match?


Want to win the match?

We all have memories of playing football as kids: chasing the ball on the dusty field, fighting for a chance to take a shot on goal, shoulder to shoulder, stumbling into each other. Not too smart. We knew that we wanted to score a goal and win, but had no idea or vision of how to do it. Why? Because we were missing a coach who would be able to find the best match of all the players’ skills.

To support the teams in the precast concrete field, Elematic is introducing a seasoned coaching duo: two product managers. In the game, where Elematic always sides with the customer, the role of the product managers is to be the glue that holds the players together, to know the tactics, and to help make strategic choices. The coaches know how to find the winning combination for each and every game. The urge to create a new product manager’s function arose from the need to find a common framework for further developing and refining Elematic’s products and solutions to match the needs of multiple markets and customers. Customized solutions will continue to be Elematic’s number one selling point, but by further developing existing products, Elematic wants to develop a solid foundation for a modular and adaptable product offering that enables individualized solutions. “We have noticed that certain customer segments and areas have similar initial requirements for our products. We aim to offer them products and solutions that – right from the beginning of the process – match their needs better,” explains Juha Tuomola, one of the product managers. Experience brings sensitivity towards customer’s needs Having been in the company for four years, Juha Tuomola’s new responsibility area as product manager is technologies for floor products. He complements his strong knowledge base with special expertise in the Asian market. “During my time at Elematic, I’ve been responsible for the sales in Asia, and I also know the continent from my previous job. I strongly believe that in order to truly help the team, the coach needs to have been a player, too. This means that a product manager needs to have sales experience. It gives you the right perspective on what benefits customers wish to achieve with our products. It also teaches you to be sensitive as well as realistic about how much customer needs can vary.” Tuomola’s co-coach, Ismo Kallio, also acknowledges the importance of experience. “As project manager at Elematic, I’ve travelled the world and met with customers from various different cultures and business environments. In addition to the cold technical facts, it’s vital that the product manager understands the local requirements and ways of building. It’s about much more than technology.” Kallio is responsible for technologies for wall products, batching and mixing plants and concrete transportation. The two product managers cooperate in various ways, from strategy work to product mixing. “When you’re looking for the best possible match for a particular customer, the wall and floor product combinations need to be optimal. Together we can support sales to find the ideal combination,” says Kallio. Coaching is about communications and understanding The product managers form a tight-knit team with customers, sales, and product development. They are currently mapping the needs and requirements of different customer segments and passing the information over to product development and production. Product development, on the other hand, provides the product managers with information about the products’ technical capabilities and ways of utilizing them. The product manager then translates this information for sales. “The product manager needs to understand both technical solutions and the local conditions, as well as the true needs and potential problems of the customer. It might be useless for a salesperson to list the technical specifications of a product, when the customer usually is more interested in the benefits that can be gained with the product: more efficient production, cost savings, improved safety, reduced down-time, etc. In order to facilitate the work of product development, these benefits need to be translated into requests for particular technical specifications,” says Tuomola. The best toolbox at the coaches’ disposal The product managers are experts in collaboration, and at their disposal they have the most advanced toolbox available for precast construction: Elematic’s Smart Elements. Focusing on the right things is easy when the tools fit the purpose. The Smart Elements are a roadmap into Elematic’s product offering, and the product managers know it inside out. With the coaches navigating and providing hands-on, useful information about Elematic’s products and solutions, the customer can concentrate on keeping their eyes on the target. The customer is, after all, the most important player in the team. That’s why the coaches want to be easily approachable. “We want to be there for the customer. We’d like it to be easy for everyone to contact us to let us know how they’d like the game to be played and what they aim for. It’s our job then to define how we can best realize these goals,” conclude Juha Tuomola and Ismo Kallio. Scoring a goal is our undisputed objective. The question is, would you prefer to win in a professional style? That is, do you want to win by playing smart? By siding with Elematic, you can get your goal and more – it’ll be a smart match for you and your company.


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