Best Walls by Elematic technology


Best Walls by Elematic technology

Wall products and a bigger picture. Factory made wall elements mean less work phases at the construction site resulting in efficiency, accuracy, quality abd faster building, and less waste. Elematic offers technologies for manufacturing all types of walls.

Ismo Kallio, product manager: “As product manager, I’m responsible for batching and mixing plants, concrete transportation, and wall lines. The wall line techniques include many production possibilities such as tilting tables, KVT mold lines, circulating lines and battery molds. The tilting tables and KVT lines are perfect for small-scale wall manufacturing with no need for big capacities, whereas the circulating lines have a larger capacity. “Together, all these production methods are used to produce both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, solid walls, and sandwich element for both internal and external walls. In addition, the Acotec line can be used to produce non-load-bearing partition walls made of light-weight aggregate concrete. “In spite of all the different production solutions, customers can always rely on Elematic’s expertise in precast technology. Our target is always to find out what the customer wants: which elements they want to produce and which capacity is needed now and in the future. This close cooperation results in our proposal of a manufacturing technique best suited to the customer’s needs. “Finland has a long tradition and decades of experience in precast construction. This deep knowledge in the field helps us at Elematic to find the benefits of each structural solution and match them with the customer’s situation in local conditions. For example, in the future, insulated sandwich-type walls are likely to become more popular in warmer countries. This is due to the high costs of cooling the apartments. “However, new technologies like precast alone do not make a construction project successful anywhere in the world. The efficient use of those technologies requires insight into building cultures and various construction methods. Elematic has that. It is the product managers’ job to put each construction project into perspective and see where the customer’s needs and Elematic’s products meet in the bigger picture.” For more information, please contact Mr Ismo Kallio, Product Manager


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