Sensing the environment


Sensing the environment

The concept of co-creation is new and very exciting. It opens up a whole arena of possibilities through communication between people at different levels of an organization and its customers.

People within an organization may often feel that others are not interested in their knowledge and skills, or in their experience. But at its best, co-creation enables the use of everyone’s experience and this makes people feel that they are valued as individuals. In fact, in co-creation, the insight, knowledge, skills, and ingenuity of all stakeholders, both internal and external, are combined to produce value for all parties. Traditionally, design is product- and enterprise centered. But it is really based on human experience and inspiration. It is open innovation and co-creative activity that starts with people communicating. The engagement platforms where people can do so must be kept active and should also encourage people to join in the collaborative process of creating something new. I believe that the heart of co-creation lies in sensing the environment. This means that, as an organization, we listen and sense our working environment and the people in it. Do we realize what kind of contribution different individuals can make to the creative process? Are we open-minded enough to see across the different borders between people? We don’t just deliver in our partnerships for life; we create value by enhancing experiences. We want to combine the skills, innovation, and experience of all the different people involved. That is what makes evolution smart. We invite you to go for it with us! Päivi Talonen, editor-in-chief


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