Tekla Structures for Precast Concrete


Tekla Structures for Precast Concrete

Tekla's software solution for the precast concrete industry is the most efficient way to produce and deliver all types of precast concrete elements at the right time to the right place. By enabling error-free detailing and easy change management, and by integrating design and detailing with manufacturing and project management, the Tekla 3D building information model can be used to support the entire precast workflow from sales and bidding to erection and beyond.

The precast industry needs an accurate and comprehensive 3D tool to streamline its workflow. Tekla has been the market leader in steel detailing since the 1990s, which is why its software easily integrates concrete with steel frames or any other building material to promote efficient collaboration and workflow throughout a construction project. Tekla Structures for Precast Concrete has been on the market since 2004 and is currently used by more than 400 client companies around the world.

More sales and better quality through BIM

Using Tekla Structures allows precast concrete designers, detailers and fabricators to collaborate with contractors and subcontractors to win more tenders and deliver higher-quality products through more efficient sharing of building information. With Tekla, BIM (Building Information Modeling) means wider usage of the structural model: error-free coordination and management of any material in any stage of design and construction. The key benefits of using Tekla for the precast industry include winning more tenders through more visually presented alternative solutions and more accurate cost estimation; minimizing design and fabrication errors and enabling easy change management by accurate detailing; as well as efficient model-based integration with fabrication, erection and site management. Tekla building information models are extremely rich in building geometry, properties, and level of detail and allow storing extensive amounts of data in a visual 3-dimensional environment.

Proven effective through customer success

More and more precast companies agree that Tekla is changing the way they do business. The Tekla Open API™ platform allows integration with other systems needed in manufacturing, such as production and resource planning systems, machine automation systems, and company-specific solutions. Number-one precast concrete frame producer in The Netherlands, Heembeton, has used Tekla Structures since 2007. With the help of the software the company has sped up their design-to-manufacture process. This was possible thanks to the highly productive Unitechnik link to machine and control systems that Tekla provides. BPDL Bétons Préfabriqués du Lac of Canada rapidly succeeded with the implementation of Tekla Structures in their operations. BPDL’s management team committed to a new model-based way of working, which brought them 12 architectural precast projects designed and detailed with Tekla Structures in 2008 and many more projects in the pipeline


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