Caring truly is our core business


Caring truly is our core business

Dear Readers, housing is a theme where caring really becomes concrete. Precast enables architects to design original, beautiful buildings of extremely high quality. Caring means that not only is the building a pleasure to the eye, but it also represents sustainability.

This was realized already in Ancient Greece - why else was Parthenon made of concrete? Today, we provide the technology for producing the best buildings - best floors as well as best walls.  Precast is a truly flexible choice - whether the objective is to construct low-cost housing or luxury apartments, everyone can enjoy best building standards. Precast enables the realization of affordable housing for millions of people in areas, where homes need to be built quickly, but durable, homes for a better future.  We are waiting with excitement to meet you at Bauma, where we can present you with the solutions for building a better future. With us, you march in the front row of development, using the latest technological innovations, the best machines, software, training, and tools. Our goal is to be known as a company that generates profit for its customers. What is the best cast for you? Come to Bauma and discover what best casting can offer. Come and find the essence of design – it creates desirability, provides usability, fits the hand and pleases the eye. Intelligence means efficiency and is an essential part of caring in all products. Top it with innovation that exceeds your expectations. These are some of the ingredients of best casting that we want to present to you. This winter was the coldest in many years in the Nordic countries and many parts of Europe. Temperatures were freezing, with weeks and weeks of snow and more snow. Cities and countryside alike were covered in an icy white. In the scenery, small trails of smoke arose from chimneys as families gathered around the fireplace or old wood stove to warm up body and mind. Outside, people walked bent double in the howling snow storms, trying to get into shelter as quick as possible. Spring, warmth, and renewal seemed a far-away dream in the static of deep winter. But now, a new season is finally near. Let us meet up at Bauma and celebrate spring by planning our better future together.


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