A greener concept for Best Walls


A greener concept for Best Walls

Elematic offers a range of leading technologies for the manufacture of façades, sandwich walls, solid walls – load-bearing as well as non-load-bearing – and partition walls. Now they’ve come up with this new concept.

Elematic has developed something that makes manufacturing high quality, tailorable, and ecological walls easy. They’ve come up with ELSA! Simply put, ELSA is a complete solution that allows you to make the most economical, ecological, and individual walls possible. It comes in multiple surface and size options, and its flexibility and availability make ELSA suitable for any wall design and production need. There is always an ELSA from small to large capacities of facades, solid walls, and partition walls of all kinds. Seamlessly combined modules and a wide range of simple yet spectacular add-ons, added to the fact that the ELSA concept can be built into existing sites as well as extensions, makes ELSA just about as individual as making walls can get. The walls just got greener When it comes to green performance, the ELSA concept relies on its superior capabilities to produce sandwich elements. These days, energy prices are a big deal, and it’s a little-known fact that cooling a building actually consumes almost three times the energy than heating does. That’s where ELSA’s sandwich technology steps in. Sandwich walls have an insulation layer between the façade and the inner leaf. ELSA has sturdy steel tables to form and cast the product that bear twice the usual weight. That enables manufactures to make sandwich walls of the finest quality and benefit from their ecological features like waste efficiency, a long lifecycle, and excellent energy performance. With ELSA, you really can make the Best Walls! 1-2-3-Flexibility The road to a personalized ELSA solution consists of three easy steps. Based on your customers’ requirements, you select the elements you need. The shape, color, texture, and finish of the outer layer can all be tailored, so the design possibilities seem endless. The next step is deciding on your volumes: what are your capacity requirements, how much space do you have available, what limits does your budget set? The Circulating module feature also allows you to change product specifications with little effort. The final phase of the project is simple: choosing the location. Being the only one-stop-supplier in the industry, Elematic delivers their solutions worldwide. Could this be any easier? For further information about ELSA, contact Elematic Sales or click here to order your own ELSA Map for free. Immediately excited? Not convinced? Share your thoughts below!


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