Hollow-core slabs for everyone


Hollow-core slabs for everyone

Wherever in the world your precast business is located, whether it is on the edge of the wilderness or in the heart of a metropolis, everybody needs walls and floors! All businesses may have different starting points but hey, don't worry, the world's only one-stop-supplier has taken this into account as well! The only address you need for tuning up your business to deliver the best walls and floors to your customers is: ELEMATIC.

As the leader in our industry, we have not focused on developing high technology products for only a specific sector, but aim at providing the best possible solutions for all customers, regardless of their size, location, or starting conditions. All markets do not require a whole range of hollow-core slab options. There are markets where only one slab thickness is used in close to all construction targets, and there are also producers whose business strategy is to make only one or two types of hollow-core slab. Whether you want to keep investment costs at a moderate level and acquire a basic solution, or whether you are looking for the most sophisticated production technology, we have what you need. Today we can offer you a choice of two different extruder technologies of equal technical superiority.

X-TEC Extruder lines: basic at its best

If you are a newcomer in the precast concrete business, or if you only need to produce hollow-core slabs with set cross-sections, you may not want to invest in production technology with all the possible extras and goodies. The X-TEC Extruder line is a high-quality, basic solution that provides you with genuine cost-efficiency. With the X-TEC 102 Extruder, you can produce excellent quality hollow-core slabs of 1200 mm width and with exchangeable thickness modules of 150 mm, 200 mm, 265 mm, 320 mm, or 400 mm. With the X-TEC 106 Extruder, you can save in investment costs but the slab thickness is limited to 150 mm, 200 mm, or 265 mm; each size requires its own machine assembly. The X-TEC Extruder line really has all your basic features, but nothing extra. The same principle applies to the X-TEC saw and all the other equipment included in the line.

Elematic Extruder lines: all those extras

Then again, if your company is to produce a wide range of hollow-core slabs of different sizes and shapes, and your production requirements include full automation and software, the Elematic Extruder line is your choice. With the extruders of this line, you can make slabs with widths of 600 mm, 1200 mm, and 2400 mm, and with lengths of up to 24 meters. The thing about the Elematic Extruder line is that it is significantly less labour-intensive and you have all the possible extras and niceties at your service. We can tailor the machinery for your preferred cross-sections, and if you acquire our really attractive king-size EL 900EW, it can make two 1200-mm-wide slabs simultaneously on a 2400-mm-wide bed. This in effect doubles your productivity! The Elematic extruder lines can be easily expanded according to your growing needs and naturally the line is equipped with plotters, saws, and other machinery guaranteed to meet your most demanding requirements.

Comprehensive service and support for all

Whichever production technology you prefer, the same comprehensive service and support packages are available for all. These include everything from the training of personnel to installation supervision, factory management, support services and much more. At Bauma, you have an excellent opportunity to find out more on how to combine top-quality production machinery with outstanding service and support features, a combination that will enable you to tune up your business operations to their finest. Come to Stand C1.202 and discuss with our experts the best solution for your business.