Get a grip!


Get a grip!

9:37 am in the factory. Workers are taking their well-earned coffee break. But the men are hunched over their cups, grimacing and shaking their hands as in pain. Squeezed your fingers again, have you? Backs aching from stooping over the forms, are they? The helmeted workers nod with melancholy looks, kicking at the heaps of boards and nails from disassembled molds haphazardly lying around. How can it be so hard to make a right-angled window opening? If fact, how can a job as expensive as building a mold be so difficult? And yet it has to be done all over from scratch every time! Is there no easier way? Yes there is - it is called The Elematic Fastening Method!

It is all about getting a grip on things, making the building of molds easy, accurate, and safe. The Elematic Fastening Method is the most flexible system on the market, and the most complete one. Aluminum jaw side forms and light yet strong jaw magnets made to fit perfectly together - just click the parts in place, and disassemble just as easily. No more time-consuming sawing of different-sized window openings in plywood; the Elematic side forms can be used to assemble any size and shape of opening the architects may have thought of - and they can be reused over and over again! "Elematic has such extensive experience from all over the world, we can propose to customers how they can best install and utilize the entire fastening method, or how they can use single magnets or side forms with their existing systems," explains Mr. Tero Kivimäki, Sales Engineer at Elematic. This kind of expertise is found both at the Elematic office and on the road. Mr. Tero Mäki, another enthusiastic Sales Engineer at Elematic says: "Make use of our travelling salesmen's professional skills. They have a knack for solving customers' problems because they are technical experts in their field and have seen many different production environments!"

A system that attracts advantages

Would it not be great to enjoy your coffee break in peace with your back turned to the molds, knowing that with the seamless teamwork of side forms and magnets nothing as much as twitches during casting? Imagine the satisfaction of relying on the system not to damage the bed surface (thus no need for welding or drilling), and having the quality of elements turning out better than ever! The Elematic Fastening Method is modular; you can start by acquiring single magnets or side forms, if you wish. But it is the complete system that will work magic in your production and can save you up to 70 percent in job time!

Just Push

Recently the Elematic Fastening Method has gained an even stronger hold on perfection through its newest member - the push-button magnet. This magnet further improves work safety and is even more environmentally friendly. It is still incredibly strong and an amazing 30 percent lighter than before (clearly a female magnet)! Easy to use and maintain, it allows connection to any form system and is suitable for everything from casting beds to tilting tables and other molds. As standard procedure with Elematic novelties, the magnet has naturally been tested in real production and the feedback has been reassuring. One of the lucky testing factories in Finland was the Parma façade factory in Forssa. Their functions are based on an Elematic Circulating line process with tens of table molds.This is how Mr. Marko Rajala, Production Planner at Parma, describes the Elematic Fastening Method and its recent complement: "We are very satisfied with the new push-button magnets. We have tested them with both low and high side forms and with both hydraulic and pneumatic vibration. In all applications, the grip has been good - all magnets have kept their position. The design of the magnet is good and safe, even safer than its predecessor, the pedal-type magnet. Due to the design, concrete causes no harm because there are no moving parts in between where concrete could get stuck. Usability of the magnet gets the grade A - very good!" However, it will not stop at this. Elematic's product development team is a hard-working bunch, and this year will see the launching of additional new products to the fastening method. Perfectly designed parts make for a perfect total solution - getting a real grip on things is just going to get easier.