Elematic Help Desk - All the backup you need


Elematic Help Desk - All the backup you need

A small problem somewhere in the production chain may sometimes bring your machinery to a complete halt. Concrete can stop coming out of the batching and mixing plant, for example. Finding and fixing the cause of the complication is now easier than ever - call, e-mail, or fax the new Elematic Help Desk, and your production will be back on track in no time.

The ambition of Elematic's Customer Service unit is to provide all the more complete after-sales services and support. These already include, among others, auditing, maintenance and training programs, as well as extensive wear and spare parts planning and delivery. The latest newcomer is the Help Desk, a center point for solving customers' problems. It may be something mechanical, automation related, an end product dilemma, or it can concern a concrete technology issue. The Help Desk is manned by Mrs. Eija Aimolahti, a truly professional engineer with 15 years of practical experience within precast concrete technology at Elematic. She will not put you through to someone else, you do not need to repeat your problem to different individuals; instead she will be your contact person and the one responsible for finding a solution to your problem. The Help Desk is easy to access, and Mrs. Aimolahti has the full support of Elematic's expert staff behind her.

Any problem, anywhere

"We do not want to be solely an equipment supplier; we want to take responsibility for our customers' production operating efficiently and successfully", explains Mr. Petteri Laitinen, Director of Customer Services. "By providing an approachable Help Desk service, we hope to make new customers and naturally also others who have acquired recent Elematic equipment, feel that we are in this together." Although Elematic machinery is made to last for years and to run smoothly month after month, a service interval might be stretched too far and a component starts to wear out. Or, there may be a hiccup in the automation system of a plant, perhaps during the start-up phase. If you have not had extensive experience with the machinery, these problems may feel overwhelming. Now you call the Help Desk and have an answer to your question perhaps within minutes even, over the phone. Through a modem, Elematic can also directly access the automation program of a customer's batching and mixing plant, saw, or extruder, for example. This way, they can locate and solve the problem quickly and conveniently.

Speeding up the answers

For the past ten years, Mrs. Aimolahti has been involved with production automation and has participated in the start-up of numerous precast plants. These have involved initializing the automation and training the personnel to use the equipment. She is enthusiastic about her new assignment at the Help Desk: "To solve a problem as quickly as possible, there is certain information that the caller should have ready or easily at hand. These include the machine type and information from the machine plate, how the problem appears and in what circumstances, and how often. In other words, a clear description of the problem. It is also good to know the history of the machine, if it has been taken into use recently, if changes have been made lately, and so on." Continues Mrs. Aimolahti: "If the problem is such that it cannot be solved remotely, we can always send one of our experts to the site!" You can of course contact us in Finnish, and over the phone you will also be served in English. If you approach the Help Desk through an e-mail or by fax, you can further write in German, French, Swedish, Spanish, or Russian. You can send us your questions around the clock; the response time will be short. However, the Help Desk phone service will for now be available during Elematic's office hours. Concludes Mr. Petteri Laitinen: "There has not yet occurred a problem that we have not been able to fix. I am confident that this will continue to be true in the future."