Out of control?


Out of control?

Have you acquired all this great machinery to produce high-quality precast products, but are finding it difficult to make them function together smoothly? Are you sweating over extensive production planning and time-consuming coordination? Is your storage full of perfect products waiting for delivery to customers, but you need a search party to locate them? And what was actually going to whom? Are things just a bit too manual and out of control?

Hang on, help is at hand! We can look you in the eye and promise to give you one solution to manage everything at your factory, be it small, medium, or large. Soon you will have it all running exactly as you want it, where you want it, when you want it. With ease! A miracle? No, it's downright earthly and concrete. It's Elematic ELiPLAN ERP. For us at Elematic, automation has always played an important role in product development. It seems to us such a natural thing that if you make excellent machines and can supply an entire plant even, you would also be able to supply the controlling of it all. And that is what we do. The ELiPLAN ERP system is developed especially for the precast concrete production industry to handle the entire production management, from tendering to shipping. A high-performance client-server system with an unlimited database, ELiPLAN allows as many users as required and they all can share the same up-to-date information. One of the key values here is that you only need to feed in the data once! Says Mr. Kjell Lindgren, Vice Manager of production at Skanska Stomsystem in Strängnäs, Sweden: "About a year ago, when I attended a presentation on ELiPLAN held at our office, I smiled at the enthusiasm and profound tone with which our guest from Elematic talked about this software. He said that it would solve all our problems. I must confess I was a bit sceptical. But now, a year later, I can smile even more broadly and say that it really does just that".

Well-planned is half-done

ELiPLAN ERP is designed to ease the daily work at the factory. When you are in control of your projects, it is so much easier to keep to the schedules and deliver the right products to the right place. With this tool, you can assess work efficiency as well as calculate and monitor costs. The possibilities are countless: imagine how practical it is to be able to track the operating hours of machines and plan in the service breaks in advance.

Hotter than hot: 3D-modelling and ELiPLAN

We are also happy to reveal that ELiPLAN is the first production planning system to which a 3D-modelling software can be integrated. In Sweden, a pioneering joint project has been carried out between StruSoft, with their IMPACT Precast 3D-modelling software, Elematic, and precast manufacturer Skanska Stomsystem. Says Elematic's representative in this partnership, Mr. Tommi Järviharju: "Architectural drawings are converted into workshop drawings. These are exported to ELiPLAN, which then based on this information can estimate the project cost, the materials needed, the manufacturing time, and help you to determine the exact delivery date." Talk about the joy of automation! At Skanska Stomsystem, they have already started enjoying the benefits of this software combination. Mr. Joachim Svedin, who started up and led the ELiPLAN project at Skanska, says that the savings in time and money really are amazing: "At our factory in Strängnäs, we have 5 halls with a foreman for each one. Before, they had to plan and estimate the production of the various products manually in order to efficiently use the casting beds, and it was a time-consuming job requiring up to 8 hours a week for each foreman. Today, with ELiPLAN, this work is done in less than one hour! This is a combined saving of more than 30 hours a week! Not to mention the enormous relief in the stress load of the foremen." Especially in hollow-core production, savings are also gained as ELiPLAN arranges the production so efficiently that there is a minimum of waste. This has been gladly noted at Skanska Stomsystem: "When you get 3 cm of waste per casting bed a day instead of 50 cm, it is easy to calculate the savings", says Mr. Kjell Lindgren.

Reports on time, mission impossible?

The fact that any data only needs to be fed in once also affects product quality. "This significantly decreases the chances of faults in the input, which in turn decreases the risk of faults on-site in the construction phase", states Mr. Kjell Lindgren. "And talking about input, once it has been done correctly, there is no end to the variety of output you can get. For example, just one push of a button and you will have all the follow-up reports and presentations you need, no manual labor required"!

Our commitment as your one-stop-supplier

This is how convenient it can be also at your factory. As your partner and dedicated one-stop-supplier, we promise to help you gain control and make the most of your production facility. Try us and be surprised!