Modular B&M plants - How easy can it get?


Modular B&M plants - How easy can it get?

Elematic's latest word in product development is a 2nd generation modular batching and mixing plant. With this new solution, there is always an alternative to choose from, and the whole system is very cost-effective to transport and very quick to erect.

Elematic now offers its customers the possibility of assembling exactly the kind of solution they need with minimal cost and effort. Yes, it is true. Your new plant can be up and running in less than three weeks after delivery to site. Modular plants are revolutionary in that they consist of pre-engineered, factory-tested units that are very reliable plus fast and flexible to customize. This was a point brought up by Elematic's Technical Director Mr. Lassi Järvinen in January when the first contract to build this kind of plant was signed in Northern Ireland. There, the plant will be serving a hollow-core plant provided by Elematic. Concrete Issues will return to this project in a future issue. Like the earlier generations of modular B&M plants, this new solution is best suited for use in connection with a precast factory. Mr. Järvinen also pointed out that the total cost of investment in this type of plant is considerably less than in traditional plants of equal capacity, which may take up to three months to build. He states: "The first plant will take about three weeks to assemble, but I've told my staff that the second one will have to be done in less time than that.″

Smooth shipping and assembly

Today's customers are well aware of commercial requirements and want all of their components from just one supplier as that is the easiest way to go. Everything arrives on time and fits together. As this plant is mostly and conveniently made of modules that have been pre-assembled into containers, it neatly fits on a freight carrier and is thus very easy and inexpensive to transport as a whole, aggregate silos included. Mr. Järvinen explains how smaller components for use outside the modules are packed inside the base containers for transportation. And, to make it clear once and for all, the effort put into installation and commissioning is absolutely minimal compared to previous systems, which also translates into a reduction in cost for the customer. The modular units are simply piled next to and on top of each other and joined.

Freedom of choice

All this simplicity still allows for a base of three containers and no fewer than five containers on top of each other, Mr. Järvinen promises. In case the size of the land is limited, the foot print can be 30x50 m² - much less than that of traditional plants - if the plant is arranged correctly, with the right kind of conveyors. Supply, weighing and mixer modules form the basic plant structure. The parts to be added, e.g. cement silos as well as transportation and distribution systems, are almost completely exchangeable. No need to include or pay for anything unnecessary! The plant works best with one to three 1.5-3 m³ twin shaft mixers and, of course, Elematic's concrete distribution system. Taking advantage of base modules, the customer can choose to include a recycling unit, a spare part storage, or a laboratory, compressor or heating unit. Although best suited for precast factories, future options will include adding a ready-mix unit. In case local laws require raw material deliveries to be dumped without the driver getting out of a vehicle at an industrial site, the plant can include an underground module, where material can be dropped directly from a load. To make the deal even sweeter, the color or pattern of the steel container shells can be customized to suit a particular profile.

Freedom of action

"A programming center and a user interface can be placed inside a module or anywhere within 200 meters of the plant: inside the main factory, for instance,″ states Mr. Järvinen. This gives the controller, the only manpower required, great freedom to decide on the optimal placement of the system control station. Elematic's complete mixing control program for batching plants, ELiMIX software, has also been reborn with the development of the modular plant, he reminds. The program now uses soft PCC and condition-specific parameters, which can be changed by the user, and eliminates all delay with real-time recipe calculation and efficient data communication. Time will tell what more can be expected from this dedicated one-stop-supplier, the leading company in the industry.