The sky is the limit: Elematic Slipformer EF 5000


The sky is the limit: Elematic Slipformer EF 5000

With a combination of greatly improved shear compaction, traditional slipformer values, new raw materials and technical design in the forming tube, Elematic has created a fresh generation of slipformers.

From a technological point of view, nothing stands in the way of producing hollow-core slabs one meter thick, if there is a demand for such. The sky is the limit for the Elematic Slipformer EF 5000.

Doing more and needing less

The shear compaction features of the Elematic extruders have always been beyond compare, and now the slipformers are also equipped with excellent shear compaction for the entire cross-section. The changing of the hollow-core slab thickness has been made significantly easier, with much fewer parts to be changed and much less adjusting to be done. This has partly been achieved with a remarkable innovation in the design: there is now a longer standard, non-exchangeable part in the two-phased slipformer. The basic adjustments stay the same when altering the slab thickness, as they do when changing spare- and wear parts. Adding to the superb user friendliness of the new slipformer is the fact that the spare- and wear parts are smaller in size and much speedier to exchange. In fact, the wear parts of the hollow-core tubes can be changed without having to disassemble the machine. However, the need for maintenance is actually very low, making the machine even more cost efficient.

Concrete as you like it

This sleek Elematic Slipformer EF 5000 can be adjusted to produce much more than just hollow-core slabs: it can turn out an unparalleled variety of panels and beams in different sizes. The modular structure of the feeding and casting units of the slipformer means that it is easy and quick to customize according to the requirements of a customer, and so delivery times become notably shorter. With the successful ergonomic design of Elematic machines, the slipformer is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to the ear as well, as it is a low-noise, silent type of worker. It can utilize drier concrete, meaning that less aggregate is needed and money is saved here too. Get to know and become enthralled with the Elematic Slipformer EF 5000 at the Bauma fair, an excellent occasion for a concrete meeting!