Brand new Elematic EL 411 - what should we call him?


Brand new Elematic EL 411 - what should we call him?

The air is heavy with dust. Large saws are working their way through thick conrete slabs. Grey particles from powder-dry sludge whirl towards the ceiling, pitilessly forcing their way into nostrils and throats, irritating and stinging. The coughing from hard-pressed workers is drowned by the roaring of machines working in overdrive. Warning lights flash on consoles. Muscles are strained - the hardening dirt sticks relentlessly to the beds, aisles, and floors, from where it must be removed to the last speck. New slabs must be underway, now. The heavy wheels of production must keep moving, there is no relief... Or is there?

What if we say that we can help you make your production environment cleaner, healthier and more ergonomic? How about creating a working place that is more attractive to the professionals you wish to hire and keep in the future? Would you like to relieve workers of heavy, backbreaking manual chores and see your hollow-core slab production increase in efficiency? What would you say to shorter lead-times and better quality end products? Would you believe it, if we told you that all the above can be achieved with one handy machine? The Elematic EL411 is a multitalented machine fresh from the Elematic oven, with the mission to do all the work needed in-between castings. It differs from its predecessors in many exciting ways, one of which is the design - the new EL411 follows the ergonomic design that is found in most of Elematic's products today. This design embodies efficiency of operation, user-friendliness, and serviceability. The EL411 performs a multitude of functions, some of which are very heavy and time-consuming if performed by hand, others that can drastically improve the working environment in your factory.

Starting with a clean slate

The EL411 cleans the casting bed after a ready hollow-core slab has been removed. It sprays water onto the bed and works through it with a brush and a wiper, thoroughly removing all dirt. This directly affects the surface quality of the next slab, as there is nothing left on the bed, which could make the surface uneven. Attached to the EL411 is a handy tip-over waste container. The machine is also equipped with a new type of aisle brush that can be shifted from side to side. In addition, the aisle brush can be customized according to the width and depth of the aisle! Cleaning the beds and aisles by hand is extremely heavy, so leaving this task to the speedy EL411 relieves workers of a time-consuming and exhausting job.

A healthier working environment

The thorough cleaning of the casting beds and aisles is also an effective method to dispose of unnecessary health hazards. When a hollow-core slab is sawn, sediment is strewn around in the surroundings. This sediment consists of cement, water, and stone aggregate, which may include quartz. Quartz is an extremely harmful substance. It remains in the lungs if inhaled and poses a severe health threat. Masks and other protective gear must of course always be worn by workers. However, Elematic wants to show its serious concern of the employees of its customers, and takes industrial safety into account in all its development projects. To minimize dust and harmful particles in the air, Elematic provides an optional dust filter and vacuum cleaner for use with the EL411, and it can also be fitted with a water sprinkler that dampens the bed and ties the dust.

Efficient and enduring

Having cleaned the casting bed, the EL411 smoothly spreads out oil with a wiper in preparation for the next casting. The machine is equipped with a hook-up beam for the pulling of strands from the coil to the passive end. It does this at the impressive speed of 26 meters per minute! The EL411 is equipped with a four-wheel drive and can move along the bed at a pace of 60 meters per minute. In fact, this is the stoutest machine of its kind on the market as far as size and capacity is concerned, and it is perfectly suited for factories with large amounts of casting beds and a high utilization rate.