Effective, ergonomic, elegant: Extruder EL 900EW


Effective, ergonomic, elegant: Extruder EL 900EW

The latest newcomer to the Elematic extruder family is the EL 900EW.

Representing the latest in slab casting technology, the EL 900EW is a small wonder, or should we say a wide wonder, as it allows the casting of hollow-core slabs up to 2.4 meters in width and 400 millimeters in thickness. As with many of Elematic's products, the designing of the wide extruder had its roots in customer demand - there was a clear need for a casting machine producing wider slabs. Alternatively, the EL 900EW can turn out two 1.2-meter wide slabs simultaneously, thereby doubling the efficiency of production.

Not only good looking

In 1994, Elematic introduced a new industrial design for their casting machines, and this elegant, award-winning appearance is also reflected in the new EL 900EW. Today's requirements for better ergonomics have also been considered in shaping the machine. Similar to all the members of the Extruder-family, the EL 900EW provides an optimum weight to load-bearing capacity ratio and the longest possible effective span of the elements. This silent giant automatically optimizes the compaction of concrete and produces high-quality end products in all quantities and gauges of strands. The functions of the machine are highly automated, requiring no monitoring of the casting stages. The strengthening and simplifying of the construction have maximized the wear resistance and reliability of the EL 900EW, and all in all the operating costs of the machine are very low.

Ready, steady, go!

The EL 900EW moves on wheels on the side rails of the casting bed, pushed forward by the reacting force of the extruder screws. The concrete is poured into a container in the machine, from where it is extruded by the feed screws into the compaction space. This space is formed by the side plates moving along with the casting machine, the surface finishing device, and the form face. Following the feed screws are the sleeves to obtain the desired hollow-core of the slab. The newly cast hollow-core slab retains its shape without any extra support as the casting machine moves on, and even the tightest flatness tolerances in the industry can be met. Changing from one slab size to another takes less than two hours, as the EL 900EW is equipped with replaceable nozzle modules.

The maiden voyage

The first EL 900EW Extruder traveled to the other side of the world to be exhibited at the PCE Convention in Orlando, Florida in October. There have already been many inquiries about this extra-wide Extruder both in the U.S. and in Europe, so most likely the first of its kind will soon be followed by many more, taking their rightful place in the construction world.