Alberta Precast has a strong start in Western Canada »

Alberta Precast Products is a relatively new player in Western Canada’s competitive precast manufacturing market. The quality of their products has wo...
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Make the most of your wall casting process »

Are you having problems in precast wall production? Need to take a step up with your methods? Here are some tips that have proved useful for many wall...
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Choosing a wall line? Don’t miss these 5 points »

Deciding to invest in a new precast production line is a big decision that could have a big impact in the future. Ismo Kallio, Vice President Sales, o...
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Say goodbye to missing wear parts »

It is time to change the wear parts in your feed screws or brass bearings. When you are about to start work, you notice that one of the rings or bushi...
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Opportunities await precasters in the Middle East »

Precast is relatively new to the Middle East market, which has traditionally taken advantage of cheap labour from abroad to power construction of buil...
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United Precast Concrete Dubai: shaping the precast landscape in the Middle East »

In the 25 years since it was first established, United Precast Concrete Dubai has taken part in almost all major construction projects in the region, ...
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Dubai Precast: making a difference with technical knowhow »

Located in the Jabel Ali Industrial area 3, Dubai Precast aims to lead the way in the UAE towards highly industrialized construction practices, with E...
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Reducing concrete waste during hollow core production »

With the new Extruder E9 and Modifier E9, hollow core producers will be able to reduce concrete waste by enabling concrete recycling during production...
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