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Precast is building the future!

Precast concrete is rapidly becoming one of the dominant ways to build the modern world. Its core strength lies in its ability to keep up with the changing expectations of global construction, from market challenges to new performance and safety requirements.

Building quality homes for different kinds of people means taking varying needs from lifestyles and  tastes to needs, into consideration during the design, manufacture, and build process. The Best Buildings need to be strong, flexible, and beautiful, but also energy saving and thus ecological.

Precast for the best of buildings

We at Elematic believe that precast construction is the ideal solution to make the best buildings, anywhere in the world and for everyone. Precast is flexible to produce affordable houses, main stream housing, luxury buildings and constructions of all sorts. Precast can be used all the way from foundations to bearing frames (skeleton), facades, walls, floors, beams, columns, stairs, balconies and so on.

Sustainability with Precast Concrete Constructions

Precast concrete solutions leave a substantially smaller environmental footprint than other building construction methods, thanks to increased recycled content and proven production processes. For builders and architects, the important benefits are improved economies of scale, faster construction times, and the opportunity to make your dream concrete.

Environmental issues in the construction and real estate sectors have become increasingly important. These sectors are significant consumers of energy and raw materials. Up to 40 % of the total energy consumption of a nation can be allocated to the construction and real estate sectors. As a result, these sectors have an essential role to play in the reduction of CO2 emissions – which will be the most central topic in the near future.

We have a responsibility to use our natural resources wisely by specifying building products carefully and ensuring that these have a high recycled content, where appropriate. The materials that are used to make precast concrete are usually available locally and are plentiful.

All the materials that go into precast concrete products come from natural and recycled sources, mainly inorganic. This means they are subject to minimal processing or chemical treatments to render them suitable for use, which results in concrete having a relatively low embodied energy value, unlike highly processed materials, such as plastics.

Output of CO2 emissions from Portland cement manufacturing process is well known, and to decrease use of cement in construction is a major research and discussion subject worldwide.  Precast concrete is one of the solutions to lessen CO2. Using precast means lighter structures, needed concrete strength is received with less cement than in cast-in-situ construction, concrete and thus cement waste is less  are facts that decrease cement consumption/building m3 significantly.  In addition, when cement consumption in concrete is lower, Portland cement can be substituted with environment friendly premium binders.

The products of precast industry are economic. Factory produced concrete has always been recognized to be of high quality, and the products offer a wide choice of construction solutions.The products are contributing to a better built environment. They are widely used in urban regeneration schemes, from paving and landscaping to complete housing projects.
Using precast products results in less waste being generated from construction sites.The thermal mass of concrete makes it ideally suited for use in low energy buildings.

Not only are the products of precast industry sustainable, so is also the manufacturing.

The industry is investing in new factories and equipment, and uses new technologies to make the production processes more efficient and, thus, economic. The precast industry is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees, and looking after their welfare and training requirements. The industry is reducing the consumption of natural resources by using waste materials in products. The industry is minimizing the effects of the precast factories and manufacturing processes on the environment.

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