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Customer has a choice - more than ever

We are all glocal – both global and local at the same time – in the market place.”How does digitization affect companies? What added value does it bring to customer relationships and service? These where the key questions when we met Pekka Aula, Professor at the Lahti School of Innovation, Lappeenranta University of Technology.

“We can talk about zero-latency organizations, in which external expectations for the reaction time of the company is zero seconds. This creates pressure for instant customer feedback and service no matter what the place or time. We are all glocal – both global and local at the same time – in the market place,” says Aula. One consequence of digitization is that a small company can be listed in the top 10 Google search results alongside bigger ones. Success in digital life is no longer related to company size. Instead, it is all about relevance and reaction.

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Russia: Quality precast makes a difference in St Petersburg

Stable demand and optimized production of high quality precast are the twin pillars that keep OOO LIDER Prom ahead in St Petersburg’s competitive precast marketplace. Key elements in this are machinery and equipment of the finest caliber, including a brand new pile production line from Elematic.

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The simple beauty of making smart choices

A sunny morning in the suburbs. The sidewalks glisten with the rain that fell overnight, birds are singing, and kids getting ready for school. The neighbors are heading to work: one to an office downtown, another to a factory outside the city, and the third to the nursery school two blocks away. It doesn’t take too long for these sensible people to choose a vehicle for the journey. The first one takes a bus, the second one drives a car, and the third one rides a bike with the wind in his hair. We make several choices each day. Some of them are easy; some need a bit more consideration.

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